Failed Photo Attempt

Aspen Trunks

Aspen Trunks

Sometime I’ll become all wrapped up in a particular scene and with nobody to pull me away, I will get way too involved in a not so special scene.  The way these three aspen tree trunks fanned apart symmetrically with the other aspen trunks in the background seemed really special.  I even returned to the same spot later in different light.  Upon working on the photo days later I am now not so sure….  I think it may only be blog worthy…… if that.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Failed Photo Attempt

  1. Also being a photographer, I am quite familiar with the “calling” that many subjects offer to those willing to observe and listen. While this image is OK, I believe the subject could be explored further (ie different light, different seasons, changing you perspective with respect to the subject, changing lens, color vs B &W, etc.). You may indeed discover more about the scene and yourself in the process. I believe that scenes that call us need to be explored further not only for the photograph, but also for what it offers to our inner growth. Good luck and thank you for making me think a little further about images that often don’t satisfy what we felt when in the “moment”.

    I just discovered your site today and look forward to exploring it further. I am drawn to the graphic nature of many of your images and the great vision for light that you have.

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