Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck Austria We certainly wanted to visit Innsbruck, but it was also a convenient stopping point in our journey from the Dolomites, Italy, to Switzerland. We traveled by bus, two trains and taxi to arrive at the Hotel Mondschein, which is the lighter pink building just right of center above.

Innsbruck is a neat, clean town and we were happy to finally get away from the pizza and pasta of Italy.  We celebrated by going to both a good Thai and a Nepalese restaurant.  Also, Austria is where I got my first international haircut, by the most skilled barber ever…

Innsbruck WindowsInnsbruck TrollyBread Store

2 thoughts on “Innsbruck, Austria

  1. Hope you take the tram and lifts to top of mountain in Innsbruck and get a view of the surrounding peaks; as I recall you were gazing into seven countries. Pretty spectacular. Also if you are lucky enough to catch a church service featuring Mozart’s music with sun shning thru windows onto lots of gold is pretty special; maybe the Lipazzoner “palace” while they are training the horses is nice. Rijksmuseum (Rembrandt), and Van Gogh Museum in Holland. Lots of Mozart in Salsburg. Zurich is worth a visit – you can enjoy baby venison at restaurant Walden Woods. Brussels – Chez Leon has the best mussels in the world, as well as Leonida’s chocolates in Brussels, best chocolate in the world. Love your [photos and commentary Harold. Am continuing you travels with you!

    • Thank you for continuing to follow our travels. Unfortunately we did not make it to the top of the Innsbruck tram as it rained hard all day long the day this was planned. The river in front of our motel rose two feet. Of course, the following day when we departed, it was clear and beautiful. Maybe next time….

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