Hulett, Wyoming Rodeo

 Rodeo 2
Hulett, Wyoming is the closest town to stay in when visiting Devils Tower.  You can check into the Best Western Motel and see the 14 stuffed heads of unfortunate game animals in their lobby, just before you head out to the local rodeo.

Rodeo 3

Notice this cowboy still has a cigarette in his mouth.

This was a small rodeo, produced as a charity event for a local family of Hulett.  We had to ask directions a couple times in this small town lacking even one stop light.  I’ve been to rodeos before where they ride and rope bulls and various kinds of cattle.  While the bulls clearly do not enjoy their role in the rodeo, it never really bothered me.  It was a bit different watching the horses, as I somehow have a higher level of affection for them.  We eat cattle, but not the horses, unless unknowingly in France, but that is another story…..  Anyway, these horses really put on a show and a fierce performance.  In some of the photos below, the horses seem to continue to their anger toward the rider even after they have been bucked off.
Rodeo 4
Notice the cowboy's hat is flying off

Notice the cowboy’s hat is flying off

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  1. Hi my name is John Hippen and in my art class we are making postcards for the town of Hulett. We will sell them and the money goes to school. I would like to use your wild ride picture on my postcard if you would let me? I will put your name on the postcard giving you credit for the photo. Please let me know!

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