Dijon, France

Dijon Mutard

We stopped in Dijon, mostly due to poor travel planning.  We looked at a map and calculated ‘this is about how far we can travel from Lauterbrunnen in one day,’ something we commonly due when driving in the States.  However, when already on a train going 185 mph there is no reason to get off at an arbitrary point.  Not much went well in Dijon for us.

We tried to walk to the condo from the train station and went the wrong way, by 180 degrees.  So the more we walked, the further from our destination we became and then it started to rain.  We never saw the sun the entire time we were there; it rained most of the time.  After visiting the grocery store our first evening, I dropped and broke a bottle of wine on the sidewalk.  Cleaned that up and had to go buy another.  It was a struggle to get ANY photos even just for this BLOG.  The entire town seemed drab and resulted in sepia tone photos.  The hallway to the apartment smelled much like cats had camped out there for weeks.  The one bright spot was numerous good ethnic restaurants outside our door, Indian, Egyptian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern kabobs.  At the grocery store it seemed only right to buy some locally made Dijon mustard for a pretzel dip, which was good and very hot.

The photos below show colorful grapes and a mosaic roof, both from a town a 40 mile train ride south of Dijon called Beaune.  Dijon’s old town center is set up primarily for pedestrian traffic, shoppers and open plazas.  Click on the photos for large images.

GrapesDijon SHoppers Dijon streets


Dijon PlazaMoasic Roof





Dijon Shopper

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  1. I particulary enjoy the gracefully lines of the shopper .
    Spectacular positioning by an experienced professional photographer.

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