Crested Butte, Colorado Quaint Town USA; Photo Manipulation?

Purple House

Photo Manipulation?

In addition to Crested Butte, Colorado’s well known reputation for skiing, it is also a great place to go for wild flowers viewing and hanging out in a very western town with many quaint houses.  We hung out here while the National Parks were closed due to the irrational government shut down of all our National Parks.  Who would not love coming home to this little house every day?  Do you think this photo is an example of photo manipulation?  Well, I am not sure myself….

In the first photo taken, the pumpkin was on the left in the dark shadow, so after looking around the block a bit, I moved the pumpkin into the sunshine where it deserved to be. While adjusting their front porch decorations, I noticed the garden hose was sprawled across the bricks. This unsightly mess would certainly not help my photo, so I moved their garden hose out of my camera frame. The photo you see is the result. So is the photo manipulated? The adjustments made to their front porch could just as easily have been made in Photoshop. Then people would all agree, “Hey, that photo was Photo-shopped!” But if I make the very same adjustments to the actual photo scene, maybe it is not Photo-shopped, but the results are exactly the same…. hummm.  Photo-shopped or not?  Great house, regardless.

For those of you interested in a more serious discussion of photo manipulation, look at the ‘BLOG TOPICS’ along the right hand side of my BLOG page and you will see the topic of ‘Photo Manipulation’.  Here is a link to one of my six articles on manipulation.

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