Chipping Campdon, England (the Cotswalds)

Row Houses

There is not a single new looking building in this quaint old town that has managed to retain loads of charm and avoid all forms of commercialism.  Closer inspection will reveal that many of the homes are recently built, but are of a similar quarried yellow stone so they all fit into this old town feel.  They may be adjacent to an authentic thatched roof home dating back hundreds of years.

There is one main street, High Street as they are commonly named in England.  The butcher displays his selection of meat in a window visible from the main sidewalk, you needn’t go inside the shop.  As much of Europe does, one shop will sell just fruits another cheeses while another sells only pastries and a small grocery store for other basic needs.  We found the town of Broadway a short distance away which would be necessary for bigger shopping trips.  The rental we stayed in was a refurbished stable which dated back to 1250.  I had to duck under most every entrance in this ‘house’ as well as every restaurant.  Large, beautiful flowers are in everyone’s front yard, back yard and hanging from the facades.  If one is searching for a relaxing quiet place, except for the sheep, doves and Sunday clanging of bells, this is the place.    We joined in a weekly curry night and had the traditional Sunday roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, which is really just a bread.  For people that are content to be entertained by a couple of local brews at the near-by pub, this is a great town.

I am hopeful the photos below show the charm of this English town in the heart of the Cotswalds.

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Cotts WalledCurch House






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