Cats in Windows




Happy Cat in Brasov, Romania

While there are an abundance of cats seen in the alleys, many are indoor cats.  This was a very fortunate cat, living at ground level next to a seafood restaurant.  This happy cat was fed frequently by tourists dining just across the walkway during our lunch.

Cats in Windows, Romania


This cat seemed to be dreaming of the getting outside.  I was hoping for several photos, but the cat quickly jumped down.



High-rise cat.  No fear of heights here.



Laundry cat.




Waiting for the next friendly tourist to pass by.


Grandma’s Window to the World

Felines are not the only ones watching the world pass by.  For many people in Europe, the window is their connection to their world.  I think this lady really likes shades of green.



Shades of Green


I asked all of these ladies through pantomime from the alleyways below if it was OK to take their photo.  None ever said no.  Big lesson.  Rather than try to sneak a photo of the locals, all the photographer needs to do is ask.



She is an 8!


Lady in Red






This lady readily said yes, allowing me to take her photograph.  However, the camera lens I was using required me to stand out in the street, jumping back when a car sped by.  Her scowl was only disapproval or concern about me standing in the street.  She quickly smiled and waived when I got back on the sidewalk.  She brings a smile to my face each time I see her photo.

Her evening is set for people watching.  Notice she is leaning on a pillow.  The curtain is tucked away so she can come and go easily.  I’m guessing she is a well known fixture in Sibiu, Romania.


Laundry Day


Granny’s Bloomers

This lady happens to live just an alley width away from a major tourist attraction.  Everyone is wandering along a stone path, looking for photos or selfie opportunities.  When grandma appeared, it was like a bunch of paparazzi shooting a famous actress.  Several tourists were on each side of me.  Poor grandma likely gets no peace or privacy in her home.


Come on up and see me some time…

This was a bit of an odd situation in a Brasov, Romania ally.  It was well after sunset (these photos were shot at a very high ISO and then lightened in Photoshop).  As I would normally do, I asked her if I could take her photo, pointing to my camera then to her.  She immediately tried to communicate with me, first in Romanian then German.  Through broken English she let me know the house was hers.  She was not just a maid scrubbing the carpets.  She motioned to a coffee cup and asked if I wanted to come up and visit her as she motioned to the front door.


She told me to wait and she left the window.  When she returned, she had removed here sweater and continued to ask that I come up to her apartment motioning to the front door.  In the end, she had to settle for a photo of me.


Watching the World Go By


Watching the world go by

Under a sunny sky

Oh how the moments fly

Watching the world go by


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