The Boats of Aveiro, Portugal

Saint Joana Boat

Saint Joana Boat

Many towns do what they can to lure the tourist dollars.  For Aveiro, Portugal the draw is brightly colored boats that will take tourists for rides up and down their many canals and past colorful homes.  My goal was to take photos of the commercial fishermen fleet of vessels in a harbor with their brightly colored boats.

The Colorful, but Crude, Boat Cartoons of Aveiro

It was a hot day, and we were unable to pin down the actual location, so all I could do is take a few snapshots of the boats plowing through the canals.  It was not until days later I took a closer look at my boat pictures and tried to translate what was written on the boats.  A typical boat shown above has a painted picture of Saint Joana on the hull of the boat.  What a nice gentleman must own this boat.

Not so with many of the other boat owners.  No telling what my photos might have revealed had I known they were often risque cartoons with double meanings.  The chances are slim that I caught all the rude boat pictures.  Realizing something can get lost in the translation, here are the results of Google Translate and several other online translation tools.

"I wish I could ride it"

“I wish I could ride it”


"I wish I could be a dog, Antone"

“I wish I could be a dog, Antone”


"Look at the bird the worm"

“Looks like that chick wants the worm”


Eyes! Eyes!

“Eyes! Eyes!”


"I do not know what stuck me"

“I do not know what stuck me”

Sometime my photo quests are not as successful as hoped.  Other times they yield unexpected surprises.

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    • These are just the few boat ‘cartoons’ I caught by accident. No telling what I may have found out in the harbor with the commercial boats, away from the tourists….

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