Panama Canal, Views from a Cruise Ship

The Liberian oil tanker Socrates enters the Panama Canal, empty of cargo.

The Panama Canal was completed by the United States in 1914.  The French worked on the canal for 13 years, but gave up after they incurred 22,000 deaths and the construction firm went bankrupt.  Completed by the USA in 10 years, it is considered one of the seven engineering marvels of the world.
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Shore Excursions to Colombia, South America

Just a small section of the buildings overlooking the seaport of Cartagena, Colombia

The movie ‘Romancing the Stone’ with Danny DeVito, Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas helped popularize Cartagena, Colombia.  Colombia is also well-known for its association with the Medellin drug cartel.  For both of these reasons, I was not expecting much when visiting Cartagena.  What a surprisingly beautiful city it is from our ship’s port.
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Ghosts of Flight 93 Memorial

A common field one day. A field of honor forever.

“A common field one day. A field of honor forever.”

Four domestic airplanes were hijacked on September 11, 2001. Three struck their intended targets, one, Flight 93 did not.

The weather was appropriately gloomy when we visited this memorial. The black and white images seemed to fit the solemn mood.  With the thought of so many senseless deaths, the inexplicable hatred of the terrorists and the heroics of seemingly everyday Americans, I photographed the scene with ghostly images.
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New York City

John Lennon “Imagine” Tribute

Taking a ride through Central Park in NYC, the John Lennon tribute, known as Strawberry Fields, was pointed out.  It is across the street from the prestigious Dakota Apartments where he and Yoko lived and where John was shot by a crazed fan, Mark Chapman. Continue reading

Bandon and the Oregon Coast

Face Rock Beach, Bandon, Oregon

Bandon, Oregon is well known among photographers for the many unique rock shapes and monoliths along its sandy beach.  The beach is named for the rock on the far left above.  Indian legend says this is Ewauna, the daughter of Chief Siskiyou.  Her partially submerged head can be seen with the face looking up to the right. Continue reading

Galapagos Iguanas and Friends

So Put on a Happy Face

This Galapagos marine iguana is likely a female.  She is happily feeding on the green algae which gets exposed during low tide.  Larger male iguanas, with their bigger body mass, are better adapted to diving deep into the cold waters when searching for food.  This iguana is relatively brightly colored since she is wet and not yet dried out from basking in the sun.

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