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Harold Hall

Harold Hall

Retired since April 2011 and with our downtown Chicago condo sold, we have been homeless, or more appropriately,  home free and traveling ever since, no RV, no home base.  In 2013 and 2014 we completed our first major adventures, six months in Europe, two months in Mexico, a month in China and have crisscrossed America more than once .    In 2016 we are off on our longest tour yet, 90 days in Spain and Portugal then Eastern Europe.  I called this the tour of the “a” countries since most end with the letter ‘a’.  These include Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. Weekly BLOGS are written for each of these.  Thank you for your interest in my photography and our home free adventures in retirement.

I was born and raised in “The Land of Enchantment,” Los Alamos, New Mexico. As most kids, I did not fully appreciate the very special light, cultures or art that existed in the Southwest. Despite taking art and photography courses at the University of Utah, I eventually pursued a career in the corporate finance world. After thirty-eight years, we are exploring the world, home free.

Due to my financial background, I’ll provide more regarding the cost side of such travel than many sites.  Many people will travel in a more economic fashion, but I’ll provide some details on our middle of the road style of travel and how we tackle the obstacles of world-wide travel.


My photos have appeared in Chicago Magazine, published in New Mexico Magazine and awarded several honors and awards from the Hubbard Museum in New Mexico in 2009 and the Grand Prize winner in their annual photography exhibition in 2010.


I am very proud to announce that I was awarded 1st Place, Grand Prize for my 2013 photography portfolio in the 12th annual New Mexico Magazine Photo contest.  This has been a goal of mine for numerous years.  Winning this has been the thrill of my photography career.  You can read the entire article from the New Mexico Magazine article at this site:

NM Magazine 2013 Grand Prize WINNER

My winning 10 photograph portfolio can be seen in the BLOG page .  Here is a link:  My New Mexico Magazine Portfolio  

The condo in Chicago was sold several years ago in preparation for our retirement.  With the sale of my Mom’s house in New Mexico, I can finally say we are homeless, or more correctly home-free, we are ready to embark on some really big travel adventures.  Since we are not at all experienced international travelers, we likely do not know what lies ahead.  Not having a home may begin to wear on us, but for now we are planning the adventure of a lifetime.  I hope I can record our experiences and keep you interested in our travels.



October 2013 – Best of Show – Dry Gulch Gallery Nogal, New Mexico

Panarama Point Rainbow

Panorama Point Rainbow  (available in the UTAH Portfolio)


February 2012 – 2nd Place New Mexico Magazine – Sense of Place

Blue Swallow Limo and moon

Blue Swallow Limo and Moon  (Available in the RT 66 Portfolio)

September 2010 – Best of Show – 1st Place – Hubbard Museum of the American West Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

Tree at White House Ruin

Tree at White House Ruin  (Available in the Arizona Portfolio)


September 2010 – Honorable mention – Hubbard Museum of the American West – Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

Greenriver Overlook

Greenriver Overlook  (Available in the Utah Portfolio)


September 2009 – Second Place – Hubbard Museum of the American West – Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

Our Lady of the Canyon

Our Lady of the Canyon  (Available in the Arizona Portfolio)


September 2009 – Third Place – Hubbard Museum of the American West – Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

Golden Window

Golden Window  (Available in the New Mexico Portfolio)


September 2009 – Honorable Mention – Hubbard Museum of the American West – Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico

Not Yet Spring

Not Yet Spring  (available in the Utah Portfolio)


February 2015, New Mexico Magazine; 3rd Place

"Picnic Lake" - Available in the New Mexico Gallery

Picnic Lake – (Available in the New Mexico Gallery)


May 2017 – Best of Show – Boise, Idaho Camera Club

On the Rocks(Available in the Iceland Gallery)


May 2017 – 1st Place – Man Made Architecture – Boise Camera Club

Mostar Bridge Glow (Available in the Europe Gallery)


May 2017 3rd Place Man Made Architecture – Boise Camera Club

“Checkin’ In RT66” (Available in the New Mexico Gallery)


May 2017 – Honorable Mention – Portrait – Boise Camera Club

“Lady in Red”


May 2017 – First Place – Abstract – Boise Camera Club

“Vegas Ghost” – (Available in the Abstract Gallery)


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  1. Hi! I just saw your pic on NM magazine, and I found your link! I love your pics!
    Have fun on your travels!! That is my dream to travel.
    Melissa Hall (By the way, we are not related…)

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