Galapagos Iguanas and Friends

So Put on a Happy Face

This Galapagos marine iguana is likely a female.  She is happily feeding on the green algae which gets exposed during low tide.  Larger male iguanas, with their bigger body mass, are better adapted to diving deep into the cold waters when searching for food.  This iguana is relatively brightly colored since she is wet and not yet dried out from basking in the sun.

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Birds & Critters of Key West

Jungle-Iguana-20141030-_ALL7282Driving along the highway and bridges into the Florida Keys, we saw a mess of iguanas.  By the way, a ‘mess’ is the official name for a group of iguanas.  These are not native to Florida and were originally pets turned loose when they got too large and their biting personality became more apparent.  This iguana is fairly brown but some were St Patrick’s Day green.  When I parked and walked back to the ‘mess’ of iguanas, just seeing me from a distance would cause them to scatter, very skittish.  Loud trucks and cars passing nearby were not a concern as that goes on all day, but a tall gray-haired guy with a camera would send them running for the bushes.
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