Sombody’s Neighbors

Traveling through Texas we came across this unique home in a small town.  While it was certainly well maintained, I was wondering what their neighbors think.  View the slideshow of the front yard taken with the IPhone.

Luckenbach, Texas…. Waylon, Willie and the boys

IMG_1031Luckenbach, TexasLuckenbach, Texas is about 20 miles outside the German heritage town of Fredericksburg.  I doubt Luckenbach would exist at all if not for the 1977 song by Waylon Jennings.  It is obviously strictly for tourists, but we found a fun movie set prop type town with good beer and free live music.  One could get their picture taken sitting on top of Tumbleweed, the longhorn steer.  I only brought the IPhone here, so the 2 second shutter delay caused me to miss a movie of the crowing rooster.  Bummer.  It was fun to visit this popularly named town after hearing the song for so many years.